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MITTI - USA Student Background Check - PB

MITTI - USA Student Background Check - PB

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Get your MITTI-USA Student Background Check

Caregiving is an intimate and highly responsible job. Therefore, in addition to assessing an applicants suitability for our Personal Care Aide training program, Military in Transition Training Institute, LLC also considers the applicant’s potential for future employment. The background information we seek here will help MITTI-USA assure that your values are consistent with the caregiver profession - honesty, integrity, and sound moral character.

Please know that the information generated by this background check is YOURS. You may elect to share this information, free of charge, with future employers, landlords, and others. The report/data is considered current for at least 1 year and can be updated periodically/annually.

Finally, MITTI-USA is dedicated to protecting your personal information and has chosen this web-based background check partner because of its commitment to data security and privacy protection. Please see ‘Privacy Policy’ under Main Menu at the bottom of this page.

Then, click on the button to the left to order your background check. We’ll do the rest! 


Your Background Check Includes:


  • Child Abuse Registry
  • Adult Abuse Registry 
  • National Sex Offender Registry
  • Employment Verification
  • County Criminal (There will be an additional $95.00 fee for each county in New York)
  • County Civil
  • SSN Address Locator search 

*Please be advised that the business you are ordering through has the ability to view your personal information.

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