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Show you are a safe Exercise Friend!

ExerciseFriends is committed to the safety of you and all of our members. We are also adamant about protecting your personal information. This is why we have partnered with Self-check!

This is an easy, convenient way for you to show you are a safe Exercise Friend in the case someone would like to know more about you before meeting you offline.

By obtaining your own background check, you also have the ability to correct any errors and to share it with anyone you choose. Your report does not give viewers any critical personal information such as your address or social security number when you share it.

Simply click on the 'Add to Cart' button and you will be prompted to order your background check. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact the friendly customer service team at Self-check at 800-300-1821.

Your background check will contain:

  • U.S Criminal Search
  • Nationwide Sex Offender Registry Search


Self-check is a division of, a leading, award winning employment screening agency based in Anderson, California.

 (There will be an additional $95.00 fee for each county in New York)

 *Please be advised that the business you are ordering through has the ability to view your personal information.

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